Do I need experience of stock farming to be eligible?

No, although advantageous, it is not necessary, as White Rose Farms provides full support from a dedicated Production Manager who can help and advise in all areas, from building finishing accommodation to ongoing advice on animal husbandry.

I already grow pigs, am I eligible for a long term contract?

Yes, but units must be a suitable distance away from each other to ensure animal health and welfare. Please get in touch to find out more details.

Can I use an existing farm building?

This may be possible, building must meet our requirements, please get in touch to find out more.

Are the long term contracts the same as pig bed and breakfast?

Yes, our contracts are often termed bed and breakfast in the industry, in summary the farmer never owns the pigs, but cares for them for an approximate 14 week period, known as the finishing stage. White Rose is responsible for providing the pigs, feed, vet and medication, disinfectants and haulage. Farmers are responsible for providing a new build finisher unit to an agreed specification, water, electricity and labour.

What is the optimum sized farm?

To benefit from economies of scale, we would advise working to the 1000-2000 pig model, this also keeps businesses under the environmentally permitted level. To maximise slurry benefits, a 2000 place building would need 200-250 acres or arable land for spreading.

Do I have to take a 15 year contract?

No, we do offer variable length contracts from 5 to 15 years, depending on what suits the farmer.

I am based just outside Yorkshire or Lincolnshire, could I still be eligible?

Yes, this may be possible as long as your farm is within a certain distance of our breeding unit. Please give us a call to find out.

What capital investment is required?

The farmer is responsible for the costs associated with gaining planning permission and building the finisher unit to an agreed specification, these are currently in the region of £310 per pig place (subject to variation). Should borrowing be required, White Rose can provide a terms of agreement document, which can be presented to the lending facility. Please give us a call to discuss in more detail.

Is the payment guaranteed?

Yes, for the duration of the contract White Rose Farms pay the farmer on a per place basis every month in equal instalments, depending on how many places there are on the farm.