All our pigs are reared to Red Tractor Assured standards and as part of our commitment we provide every farm with a dedicated White Rose Farm Manager who will provide support and advice to ensure each farm meets high standards of animal welfare, through excellent sanitation, nutrition and housing practices which support the health and well being of our pigs.

All our farms are independently audited on an annual basis by accredited, highly experienced individuals and we are ranked in Tier 2 in the global Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare standards (BBFAW), which is an annual assessment of our business commitment to farm animal welfare. This demonstrates that we are actively managing the business risks and opportunities associated with farm animal welfare.

Our representatives regularly attend meetings, presentations and conferences across the UK and Europe, providing information on the latest academic research and innovation, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry.


We believe that sustainability should be a key focus of all businesses and we take a proactive approach to reducing our environmental impact through the monitoring of CO2 emissions, water usage and the responsible use of antibiotics. We monitor feed conversion rations to ensure that feed is not wasted and record and share productivity KPI’s for all farms.

We have a soil and water stewardship management plan in place in order to improve soil health, water quality and carbon sequestration. We are also committed to implementing tree planting schemes on our farmland to mitigate carbon sequestration and ammonia absorption.

Mixed Farming for a Sustainable Approach

Adopting a mixed farming method, which uses homegrown pig slurry as a replacement for inorganic fertiliser can benefit the environment through the higher availability of major plant nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash and minor plant nutrients Magnesium and Sulphur leading to improved yields.

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