White Rose Farms could provide an additional income stream for your business.

We are actively seeking farmers in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to enter into long term pig finishing contracts, often referred to in the farming industry as ‘Bed and Breakfast’ for pigs.

Farmers would build and manage finishing accommodation (typically built to house 2000 pigs), with the help and guidance of a White Rose Farms Production Manager, taking in pigs from our nursery site (at 30-35Kg) and growing them through to finish weight, which is approximately 118Kg in approximately 14 weeks. In return we offer excellent returns on investment and a guaranteed monthly income.

We provide different options of contracts and support for farmers; whether you are an existing contractor finisher looking for expansion with a trusted partner, or are completely new to commercial pig production, but looking for an opportunity to diversify, White Rose Farms could provide a new income stream for your business.

Please click here to see some examples of our finishing accommodation.


We provide long terms pig finishing contracts, yielding attractive returns.


Additional Income

Fertiliser for the Future


Organic fertiliser in the form of pig slurry can also yield a wealth of benefits for farmers when applied to arable land.

Pig slurry contains valuable major plant nutrients, N, P & K and minor plant nutrients, MG, S, Cu, and Zn. It contains a large proportion of organic matter, which improves soil structure and workability, increases permeability; aiding utilisation of rainfall and irrigation, it also improves retention of plant available water and encourages soil microbial activity and biodiversity. Organic fertilisers add to the health and structure of the soil for many years to come.


There are a wealth of benefits from using organic slurry in the form of home grown pig slurry as a fertiliser on arable land.

Not only are there immediate financial savings from the reduction in purchased inorganic fertiliser, but there are also valuable benefits due to the high nutrient content and rich organic matter contained in pig slurry, which aid the health and structure of the soil for many years to come.